Our company history

1928 – Konrad Sommer founds the company

In 1928, our company founder Konrad Sommer purchases a 7-seater Adler vehicle and starts using it to transport people as well as agricultural products to the markets of Lohr and Marktheidenfeld.

1936 – The company fleet gets expanded

Konrad Sommer purchases two Mercedes vehicles, one Mercedes-Pullmann and one Mercedes-Benz chassis. The Voll company in Würzburg converts the Mercedes-Benz into an omnibus. In the following years, Konrad Sommer conducts tours and day trips, and operates lines to Lohr, Marktheidenfeld and the city of Würzburg.

Historie - Karl Sommer und andere auf Bus

Karl Sommer on the bonnet of an omnibus Opel Blitz

Historie - Konrad Sommer vor Omnibus

Konrad Sommer in front of his Mercedes Benz O 3500

1939-1945 – In the chaos of WW II all vehicles are lost

During World War II, the German Armed Forces seize the company vehicles, followed by the Allied Forces after the end of the war. The vehicles get lost in the upheavals of the time.

1945 – After the war, Konrad Sommer starts over

After the Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s seizure by the Allied Forces, it cannot be tracked down anymore. As luck would have it, the Mercedes Pullman reappears and can be repaired. Konrad Sommer is able to resume operating recreational trips and line traffic.

1949 – Karl Sommer enters the company

Konrad’s son, Karl Sommer, successfully completes his apprenticeship with Opel Willer in Marktheidenfeld. He enters the company and at first works as a skilled autocar mechanic, maintaining and repairing vehicles.

1950 – The first bus depot in Ansbach is built

The first depot is built in Ansbach, comprising a maintenance bay and four parking lots.

1955 – Karl Sommer takes the wheel

Having turned 23, Karl Sommer is allowed to obtain a full driving licence. In the following decades, he successively develops and expands the company. Among other things, he begins operating round trips and long-distance travel to other European countries.

Historie - Karl Sommer putzt Omnibus

Karl Sommer cleaning the front window of a Mercedes O 321

1981 – Takeover of the Max Goßmann company

The Max Goßmann company is acquired. Its staff, vehicles as well as its permit to operate a line between Steinfeld and Lohr as well as one from Lohr to Rechtenbach, Neuhütten and Wiesthal is taken over.

1988 – A second depot is built

A second, larger depot is built, comprising a maintenance area, an office building as well as a break room.

1992 – Takeover of the Vogel company

The Vogel company from Birkenfeld is acquired, including its vehicles as well as its permit to operate a line between Marktheidenfeld and Würzburg via Zellingen.

1995 – The Main-Spessart regional transport company is established

The Main-Spessart regional transport company, headquartered in Gemünden, is established. Sommer-Reisen is co-founder and member of the newly founded company.

1997 – The third generation establishes Sommer-Reisen Ltd.

Karl Sommer’s sons, Karlheinz and Peter, establish Sommer-Reisen Ltd. and continue the company in the third generation.

2005 – Karl Sommer retires after 50 years behind the wheel

Historie - Konrad Sommer
Historie - Karl Sommer
Historie - Karlheinz Sommer
Historie - Peter Sommer
Company history - Peter Sommer

2010 – Sudden death of Peter Sommer

Our beloved family member Peter Sommer dies unexpectedly. He was an irreplaceable director, bus driver, father, husband, son and brother whom we will never forget. After Peter’s death, his brother Karlheinz continues the business on his own.

2013 – Main-Spessart joins the Mainfranken transport association VVM

On 1 August 2013, the county of Main-Spessart joins the Mainfranken transport association (VVM). The VVM is a pricing and transport association comprising the counties of Main-Spessart, Kitzingen, Würzburg as well as the urban municipality of Würzburg. The transport association offers its customers a single pricing scheme as well as coordinated schedules.

2013 – Our company is awarded the permit to operate the popular urban bus line “Lohrliner”

In November 2013, the city of Lohr implements its new urban bus plan. Four lines service the city’s suburbs of Wombach, Sackenbach, Sendelbach and Lindig-Siedlung in half hour intervals. The suburb of Steinbach and Lohr’s technology centre are integrated into the system on an on-demand basis. Our company deploys three new Otokar Vectio C buses on these urban lines. The small and agile busses offer passengers ample space. The annual kilometrage of all lines adds up to around 270,000 km.

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2014 – Cooperation with Collin Reisen Ltd.

In 2014, we started cooperating with the travel agency Collin Reisen. All bus tours of the Collin catalogue are serviced by Sommer-Reisen.

2019 – Patrick Sommer starts working in the company

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in economics, Karlheinz Sommer’s son Patrick starts working in the company in April.

2019 – Independently-operated line is transferred to the county

The up to that point independently-operated line 8096 is taken over by the county of Main-Spessart and added to line group 1. Our company is awarded the permit to operate this line until 2023.

2020 – Our company continues Collin’s coach tours

After Collin Reisen is discontinued, our company carries on their tour programme. Customers may continue to look forward to an extensive range of offers, first-class service and a choice of high-quality hotels.

History - Title page of the travel catalogue Sommer Reisen 2020